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In today’s fast paced society, food on the go has sadly become a way of life. Food used to be a celebration, three times a day, where you sat down with friends and family to enjoy a meal. You would chew your food until it was masticated and able to be digested, you would nourish your body with the pure ingredients of what the dish contained, and you would converse in between bites with the people in your presence.

Now, we’re all late for our next meeting, and find ourselves basing our food-fuel on how fast it can be prepared and consumed. This speedy scarfing of genetically modified ingredients is usually done with our faces buried into our phones, while we feed our ego and leaving our bodies on the backburner to enjoy some GML (genetically modified leftovers). Everyone has headphones on, and chews two to three times before they swallow. Even if you’re lucky enough to have someone you care about on the other end of the table, there’s a good chance that both people are on their phones brainwashing themselves numb instead of enjoying the moment. Wash it all down with a coffee, or a red bull, and let’s get back to your self-proclaimed busy life! Not you – let’s enter Erewhon.

For those of you who have never seen that word on paper, it is pronounced Air-Wan. It is a grocery store unlike all other grocery stores. If you live in California, you’re probably a believer of Whole Foods and love their ‘healthy’ selection. Whole Foods went corporate, and now they care about one thing – money. Bristol Farms, Trader Joes, Ralphs, Vons, Pavillions – they’re all in the same boat. But Erewhon is different. The love infused aromas that exude out of their front door are contagious – it feels like entering a shopping mall that will make you healthy. You’ll feel lost in bliss, like you’re in the heart of a soul nourishing food jungle – and you’d rather be nowhere else,…which is probably where Erewhon got their name – by scrambling the word ‘nowhere’ (Erewhon) and a few of their soy free, no cage, organic chicken eggs. But more than the intangible love that Erewhon carries, they also have a incredibly unique organic, non-GMO, and local selection of cold pressed Tumeric, Buffalo Bone Broth, kim-chi, east coast Hijiki, Sweet n’ Sour plums, Camel Milk, and a spread to DIE FOR at their hot food bar where an O-blood type meat eater like myself has trouble realizing that their Buffalo Cauliflower bites are purely vegan. I’ve developed healthy personal addiction to Erewhon, one in which I only purchase what I need for that meal, so that I have an excuse to go back multiple times per day / week.

Unfortunately, this heavenly chain of small markets can only be found in three locations: Los Angeles, Calabasas, and Venice. So basically, if you’re within a couple hundred miles of anyone of these, please trust this advice: it is worth the drive. If you’re not near any of them, you can always look for your local farmers market, and sometimes you can luck out, and find amazing little spots in your local town like if you live in Bellingham, WA and find yourself near Terra.

Remember, our taste buds are the gate keepers that give us pleasure. If you don’t vet who’s at the door properly, the pool at your Day Club (your stomach and its acid) will soon be polluted, and your clean up crew will be exhausted from working overtime (you’ll run out of HCL and become tired after eating) – so try and follow these helpful tips:

  • Eat food without ANY added sugar – sweet foods should be inherently sweet, like fruit. Other than that, try and break the addiction to this toxic substance, and if you need some inspiration, watch this movie
  • If you’re a fish eater, try and eat: salmon, tilapia, flounder, haddock – and try to follow ALL four of these rules…
    1. Don’t eat anything from the Pacific
    2. Eat fish that are low in Mercury
    3. Make sure the fish are on the Leviticus diet (I’m not religious, so ignore the name of this diet if it offends you)
    4. Make sure they’re wild
  • Make sure your meats are 100% organic, and grass fed (entirely grass fed, because a lot of meats say grass fed, and then they’re grain finished to fatten them up)
  • Soak or sprout your grains and beans, and stay the fuck away from gluten – eat ancient grains like amaranth, teff, and buckwheat

On the barcode of all labels in North America, the code with start with a 4,8 or 9. If it starts with a 4, it’s conventionally grown, an 8 is GMO’d, and a 9 is Organic.

I’m buzzing off of my Orgo GreeTo Matcho Lato (green tea matcha latte) from Café Gratitude, and am now in need of my daily Erewhon fix, and my Uber is outside. Time to dangle.