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About ChrisTOPHER 

From the time that I was a teenager, I’ve been engulfed in the entrepreneurial world. Knowing from a young age that I couldn’t stand the concept of working for someone else, I decided to take things into my own hands. After starting and selling an electronics store in Toronto, Ontario where I grew up, I took a one way trip to Hermosa Beach, CA where I started a successful restaurant on the pier.

After selling this spot and getting ready to move onto the next venture, I began uncovering my true passion: building products and teams, and most importantly, creating engaging brands with viral videos. On a shoestring budget with a small group of close childhood friends and new recruits, I created an agency called Project Copilot where my team and I would help incubate ideas into actual products with successful launch campaigns to catapult them into the market place

In June 2015, my team and I decided to take the process we had curated to launch other brands and apply it to our own. The common ground between the group of us was the mutual commitment to grow our beards until we hit our version of success. That’s when the idea for The Beard Club was incepted – a subscription men’s grooming box company. We applied our formula of video creation to build a massive community around our brand and quickly turned our customers into a cult following. Operating with a broken website, hardly any paid traffic, email marketing, or affiliate marketing, we pulled in $10.5 million in sales within our first year of business.

By the time I turned 28, I had been responsible for over 100 million video views, tens of millions of dollars in sales, and I’ve even landed a deal of ABC’s Shark Tank in April 2016 for Coolbox, a product which I’ve now licensed since.

The formula I’ve been perfecting for producing viral videos has created an extensive base of raving customers, bringing in massive returns on investment. This formula is now something that I’m looking to share with the world. Video is the future of content, and my mission is to change the way that companies interact with potential customers. To lead in this movement, I’ve created a media and events company Unconscious Content in which I intend to change marketing forever, and for better.


Enough about my dream. Let’s talk about yours…

I’ve added the above bio because while none of that detailed story really matters, plenty you are interested in what I’ve accomplished in my life and how I got to where I am today.

I want you to stop looking at me as somebody that you need inspiration, guidance, or direction from. If you need any of those things, go look in the mirror and repeat ‘I LOVE YOU’ 100 times. Eventually, you’ll mean it.

The reason I’ve added this ‘About You’ section is because your journey really is truly just about YOU.

Soon you will remember that everything you’ve ever wanted, you already have. It’s buried deep inside of you and covered up with layers of fear and limitation.

The reality is that you truly don’t need me. But I’ll be here just in case. I’ll be here to share my thoughts, words, and vibrations that clearly outline the simplicity behind attracting love, living healthy, generating massive amounts of fun coupons, and living in a complete dream.

When the wisdemic utopia (yes, I make up my own words because I don’t believe in Mr. Oxford or Mr. Webster) flows through every fiber of your being, you’ll feel the internal bliss that’s available to each and every one of us. It’s always been there – you just need to peel back a few layers of the onion.

There is no learning to be done, but rather a finite amount of unlearning to do.

This internal truth will surge up from your unconscious mind in the form of golden knowledge waiting for YOU to convert it into wisdom. It’s always been there – I AM going to empower YOU so that you can see the greatness that’s lying dormant inside of you.

This is not going to take long, and this is not going to be hard. This is going to be quick and it is going to be effortless.

Breathe deep, feel your bliss, and stay present.

Love and light,


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