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Entrepreneurship can be dated back to around 17,000 BCE. During this time, traders and merchants emerged and began this ancient grind. Thousands of years later, the principals behind the relentless hours that need to be put in to be successful haven’t changed much. The Monopoly board on which we build our wealth and status, however, has gone through many revisions.

Today, the basic definition of what it means to be an Entrepreneur remains intact: a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so. The traits that define a successful Entrepreneur can be harnessed and amplified, transforming certain individuals into Serial Entrepreneurs. But is that where the road ends? I don’t think so – there’s something beyond. Something I call:  A New Type of Serial Entrepreneur. 

All three of these newfound characteristics are closely intertwined and greatly dependent upon each other. They tie together seamlessly in a way that allows us to generate optimal creativity and carry out flawless execution.

Want to know the best thing about them?

Within each and every one of us lies the ability and potential to put our thoughts into action and turn these thoughts into realities, unleashing these characteristics upon a young flesh vessel.

Doing so may allow you to partner with Sharks like Kevin Harrington for lucrative licensing endeavours, or become the CEO of a multi-million dollar subscription service.

Let’s run through each of these new three traits, in no particular order.

Consistent Practice of Homeopathy

The number of entrepreneurs I have crossed paths with who don’t take care of their health is truly astonishing. I’ve met CEOs that still drink Pepsi and are ignorantly blind to how it affects their bodies. It blows my mind that people can comfortably consume this poison. But let’s take it to the next level – pretend you don’t drink Pepsi, or eat at McDonalds regularly, and you only get drunk on weekends…congrats – you’re the smartest horse in the glue factory! Not doing the obvious bad stuff is quite obvious.

To get the most out of your health you need to focus on healing your gut, quitting coffee, frequent dry fasting, using a sauna regularly, and getting colonics.

Treating your body and mind to solve problems at a root cause rather than treating the symptoms is how you achieve sustainable results. This is all done through homeopathy, energy healing, plant medicine, and discipline. Unfortunately, most of what I just laid out isn’t what the neighbourhood allopathic doc preaches. If you’re looking to make some very effective changes in your life, consider reading this book cover to cover.

When you take care of your body, and you put the right fuel into your engine (not the “healthy food” that society considers “healthy” – I’m talking about the HEALTHY FOOD that your BODY considers HEALTHY), you experience levels of limitless energy, endless waves of creativity, and a sense of calmness that allows you to outsmart/outthink others.

This is a process, not an event, and eliminating previously hard wired habits takes time and dedication. A couple more words of wisdom: Cut gluten out of your life (no this is not a fad, and yes gluten destroys your gut and is a neurotoxin to EVERYONE that eats/drinks it), get rid of the dairy, quit the sugar indefinitely, drop the coffees, and no more pork (I’ll dive deep into why on a future post).

Living in a young body with an old mind

In the 2nd grade, I started paying my friends to create crossword puzzles in class for $0.25 each. I would then sell them at recess near the playground for $0.50 each. Starting to hustle at a young age = starting to find success at a young age. Yes, age is just a number, but it is a reflection of the amount of gas we still have in our tanks as we maneuver around the board game of life. Like anything, practice makes perfect, and entrepreneurship is no different.

After a couple decades of grinding, I’ve developed a knack to consume knowledge at a rapid rate, simultaneously filtering out any unneeded information, and then effectively applying it – all because I am used to the process, and because I have the energy and tenacity to do it day after day.

This is not a skill that can be taught – it is one that is acquired – by treating your body properly and putting ‘clean’ miles on it, your mind will get old and wise and you’ll still have gas in the tank to travel full speed. It’s also important that even though networking in a entrepreneurial necessity, be careful who you let into your circle. Keep your friends and family close, the ones you can trust, and the ones that allow you to be you.

It’s tough to articulate the point that I am trying to convey here as some readers may think I sound crazy…but I think that this quote by Edgar Lee Masters does a good job of summarizing this paragraph:

“In youth my wings were strong and tireless,
But I did not know the mountains.
In age I knew the mountains
But my weary wings could not follow my vision—
Genius is wisdom and youth.”

To gain momentum and make progress, make sure that the version of you who wakes up

Connecting spiritually to our greater calling

We all have a soul, which inhabits these flesh meat suits that we’re wearing as we walk around earth. We consciously live through our body and mind. Those who have discovered that this lifetime is not the only lifetime they’ve lived, and that their main purpose of this lifetime is to do good on Earth and work on our Karma before moving onto the next, truly understand life for what it really is.

Different religions have been created to be able to pass on these messages in a concise manner, so that the masses can understand and abide by what they’re saying. This is a deep and personal topic for a lot of us, so don’t take my word for it.

You should buy the book “Discovering Your Soul Mission’ off of Amazon, and give it a read. (also check out this book) My personal spiritual journey has involved the removal of somebody else’s predatory energy from my third and fourth chakras, and has allowed me to see life for what it really is. I am truly not afraid to die today, as that’ll only accelerate the return to our natural form – which is spiritual.

When you have this mindset, you become worry free, and your mind is clear of clutter, which gives you the ability to create art in any form, which the rest of the world loves to consume. Life is good, every second of every day. Don’t be stressed, because the worst day of your life didn’t kill you, and the best day of your life didn’t make you.

In summary, a clear conscience equals a clear mind – a clear mind equals a creative universe – and a creative universe equals endless possibilities.